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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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crowds ii was a close knit family :05 you cannsee there is alsooa very ssrong police pre here at &pgladdens funeral officers tel me it's out of concerr of personell who are ii town for &pthe funeral as well as keep in mind detectives have case..reporting frommsouth balttjjy lepola fox 45 ews late ediiion. 3 a warninn tonight for -- woman is sexually assaulted during an early mooning run. run. police say thh in the area before work this a man, warinn a mask and wwen armed with a knife approached hee. invvstigators ay he pulled her into a dark area the susppet ii on tte loose.. but police say they're hopeful an rrest will be made. (guglielmi) "the good news s that there is a lot of survvillance video ii that area, lot of businessss, lot of rrsidents that havv
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surveillance networks.. so, detectivvs have a lot of footage that they can comb throughhto possibly identify an attacker, even capture the i" incident." a police spokesman says officers from the southeast dissrict will help boost patrols in the area............... fox44 has teamed up with he website on the interneting - "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood. crime happens.sign up by going to our website... foo- paltimore dot com...and cllck on "spotcriie" in the "hot topics" section at the toppof the screen 3it's a story of survvvial.two years aao, a young carney man was severely burned in bonfire acccdent. accidenn.janice pprk is live &pat johns hopkins bayview....where the nick hamel has now turned the -ptra positive. janiie? janice?nick hamel is now 22...and what many would describe as a horrific accident...really has changed his ife for the better.he now comes back here taal tt severe burn victims to show them that remarkable recoverres are
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possible. holloweee when nick hamells life ttok a turnnfor theeworse.his body, burned ove60 percent hen a friend threw nitrious oxide onto a fire.but two years later...hamel now speaks to pther burn urviviors at johns hopkins bayview....o shhre reccvery.instead offwhattthe doccors said would be 9 months...he left the hoopital afttr 42 days: "ii you pu yourself to the limits, or as far plus a little more anyone can be a surivivor you just need the will aad mindset to do itt lookkng into working fire protection help prevent burn at johns hopkins bayview tonight, jp fox45 news late edition.
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3 ...seems each new day reveals new ddmage frrm super storm san. sandy....ook a that pile of boats.this is on long beach popular summer vacation spot. - there's only one bridge &pconnecting the island to the storm decimated the beachess. &pnow........trucks are relieffis now pouring in.this is the staging area for tte more than ten-thousand to aarive at the field this weekend. meanwhileethe nheuser-busch foundation... hundred thousand ddllar the - donation too he american red cross. the money will assist with on-the-grouudd support ffr disaster relief workers...and victims of the storm. as... many... gas staaions remain shut in the desperately looking... for fuel... to fill their tanks...///. rick leventhaa problem is.../...and the rules shorttgeived to ease thh shorta-
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days after saady... drivers in up their gas tanks.people st -3 &pwaiting in lines that stretch forrmiles at gas stations that still ave both áfuelá and ápower.á mos: "iihave been in ttis lane for an hour and half &pwaiting to get to oneof these get uppthere nd thee say no secretary janet napolltaao temporarily waaving a rule... tankers oming frommthe gulf of mexico... tooenter northeasterr ports until november 13th. in a statement, secretary napolitano saying quotee "thh administration's the health and safetyyof those imppcted by hurriccne sandy potential obstacle to bringinn additional ffel to the storm damagee region." new york asking resideets for patience. there was shortageefor very definable reasons, and we be better and it's going tt - better in the neaa future." meannhile, some irlines
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taking the unusual ann costly step of putting xxra fuel oo inbound planes to new yook... so theer jets can fly out again withoot pottntial problems. but officials with and nnw jersey saying... ttere &pis an adequate supply at majo airrorts. ((on cam tag))and the struggle continues for residents here in nee jersey. this is the oolyygas station open in cliiton 10 iles outside of ew york. residents lininggup with handheld gas westbound aboot three miles. a wait f several hours for rick llventhal, ffx news. - after intense pressure... the new york city marathon haa been canccled. you can see from previouu ears... itssa very popular eeent.which could be the reason maaor bloombbrg wanted it to hhppen....but after outrrgg over resources being diverred to the race...
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"new york road runnerrs is dooattig a millioo ddllars to pearly... eeeryone ,,who lost power,... during hurricane sandy... / has... it back tonight tonightat ... nearly... 350-thousand b-g-e customers... were withhut power...///.tonnght... that nuuber is down... to just... 565.../// the... largest problem remaiis... inn.. anne arundel pounty famill... is... cum - overwhelmed ... by ...tte....generosity of friends and ttangers,.../ was destroyee .../ durrng thh storr.... the... hoose... on.. west maple tree...../ the marshall's... - andd heir three childree... everyone eecaped withoutta scratch. (voice only-overrkids photo?) (ddd)"i jjst hear my kkdss crying and your stomach counting our blessings over miracle none of us got hurt knowing how cllse we were." weee." foo now, they are sttying with their grandpprents. eanwhile.. donations have been pouring in to help heefamiiyy
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3 bbd day for a civil rights leader who made a very controversial comment. was campaigning for president obama at a church in georgia paturday...whhn duuing his speech he said quote "all white people are going to was intended as a joke....and - that he's made thoseeremarks a number of times over the years and they were not meant to be taken seriiusly. "he was talking abouttall tte bitternesssand annee thaa has wasn't exxctly in the context poke.""i immediately hought that iihope iis not takee out ps ff the reeord and it was tell a joke." wassabout to &pjoke."loweryyheld aanews confernce today stressing to the media thaa his comment was noo mmant to be taken seriously. bad day or a woman whh made a thousand dollar tyyo
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wwile payyng a ill online. pdbra tupperrwas paying her dollars and 69 cents. but tupper mistakenly typed zero have gone sending over 11-ould - thousand dollars to the company. upper says she's informed the employees of the mistake and ttey said it would accounttstill sits empty. "i have nn money in my accoontss i'm getting overdrafts, i can't pay anyyof &pmy biils, i got a loann- a personal loan from a pirrfriend - just to keep my blame for what happeeed ann l says she only hopes others pill llarn from her mistake. victims of thaa mmss cooorado theater shootiig back in june.. are catching a break when it the universityy o colorado hospital agreed to waive many of the victim's bills.even some of the doctors who often bill separately from hospitals
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didn't charge the patients..he hospital hopes patients won't have to worry about aying expensive bills, but ccn just focus on getting better. we saw a significant amount of &pásuná ttday todaymeteorologist emily gracey tells us what e can expect tomorrow morning... emil? 3
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3 fiiefighhers...cciticizing other firefighters onllne... why ttey say new rule about what ttey post online...go to far....ext on thh late maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders,
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newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? eerly voting ended in maryland
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tonight but oneof the state's most exppnsive cammaigns is still going strong. going all out in the final - days before the general electionquestion 7 would expand gambling to live taale games...and approve a 6th &pcasino in rince eerge's county.if approved... -g-m resorts would like to build a casinooat nationallharbor (murren) "thii is a way for the state to raise reeenue, without raisiig taxes and create joos, good payinggjobs at a time when maryland needs j. jobs."opponents say....tte opponents saa... the promise - pf nnwjobs... and... more rrvenue... for exaggerated.
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here's... our questionnof he day.wwth thh electionjust days away...have youdecided toovote es on question seven? seven? here's our facebooo page...more than 100 ttis......and there are a lot of you on both sides of his baalot quessiinjoin the discuusion by going to facebook dot om slash fox- baltimore and if ou stilll have queetions regarding the maryland referendums... fox45 will aar a vote 2012 special monday night at 111p-m. get in-depth explanations f the dream act referendum... tte same-sex marriage referendum... and the referendum to expand gambling in marylaad. that's monday night at 11... rriht here on fox45. baltimore city firefighters are going to haae to think twice about what they do online! myranda stephens has more on the ccanges the department is makkng to its social media policy. pplicy. 54:12 i believe t's an infringement pon the irst city fire union president... michael campbell is heated... department's soal media
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&ppolicy. 5725 when we usually step up, we usually get slammed doon, so hat's he way i look at this social mediaapolicy 30 the chaages include prohibiting firefiggters from posting incideet scenee.. having websites thaa hiihlight theirr work in the communities... and taking pictures at fire scenee without permissioo. 55:20 they're taking away you can't have a web site &pwithout ssmebooy else's permission 26the new rules online involving city firefighters.including an &pincident where some firefighters critiiized theirr own members! 5624 i'm sure it's some type of retaliation for things that may have gone on 27a spokesperron for the department released a stateeent.... saying "the quite some time... howevvr... implemented tt establish guidelines ann perimeters for wwich our personnel could engage in social media responsibly with respect to regulltions".meanwhile... campbell says his firefighters are prepaaed to fight fire
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with ffre. 55:34 we'll be in talks with our legal counsell and we'll moveeon from there. from hat iiknow of, nobody's peen penalized just yet, but hopefully we'll be a little proactive beforresomebody oes get penalized 45in canton, pyrandaastephens, fox45 nees late dition. 17-hundred fire personnel in the department. 3 3 thank you... to... aal of our viewers... than... some our viewers... to... all of you...... to... say... thank better way what... pwhat... better way ... to... say...
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to... ll of our viewers... thaa... some our viewers... to... all oo - bbttee way what... what...
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better way ... to... say... ttank ou... p than... some free c? cash? how about the fox 45 & enter... gooto our facebookk page... llkeeus... and click on contestss.-&contests.then starting monday ...on... fox455 morniig news../ &p we'll ive away aa100- doola gift ard on fox 45 morning news... every hour... of the show... ssarting at 5 a-m.
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p common sense says itt a tough campaign......but waii tii you heaa what oe iden said about &phis boss today...after the
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3 3 boloyt... wisconsin...// are... you sitting areeesteemed... veep...// 3 made a gaffe... - campaigning... presidential... race... in.. the dairy... state...// biden... had this to say about his bbss/ bosss..// there's never been dayyinn the last 4 years i've beenn proud to be his vice day see... biden... used a ásinnleá... negative... wwen.... would've been... much better...// but... emember... what... joey... the... vice presidental debate...// áalwaysá... says what i hey... even... presidents... can... time...// it's... bill clinton.../// he... was... in... perrysburg, ohho.../ stumping... for president... obama..../ problem... was... / he...
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should've checked... a... pap... or... g--p--s... evice... first. first... 3 3 clinton says: "i'm honored to be here in pennsylvania to support president obama, pennsylvvnia, ohho, i have a ponnn tell you about it." proof... p that ven in the year... 20-12...// men... ástillá rrfuse to ask for directionn...// 3 it's oysternomics 101. you start amed ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business...
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and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. seems we may have some bad
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weather to watch our for next wk gracey joins us with the 7 day skywatch forecast... emily?
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3&pthe terps on he court for t first time this season...see in sporrs unlimited... 3
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[woman singing in french]
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[crash] [thud] [bumping] announcer: you didn't give up on sex. don't give up on birth control, either. there are more methods than you think. find yours at 3 that'ssall ffr the llte edition... i'm jeff baand barndand iim kkren parksmorran adsit joins us now withhsports unlimited... morgan the ravens bye week ame aa season.right down the middle at week 8.the first half is over for the ravens...they escaped att5-and-2 after some close calls. calls.and they'llltake it. be just as difficult.a night to san diego....big ben twice.... first looo at r-g- 3... mannnig brothers.... and
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the finale at cincinnati which coull be for the north title.. take a look at novembbr... 3 games on the road... 1 atthome. all in the a-f-c... two in the north. that's life in the league... aad why noveeber's a crucial set up for tth big picture. here's that stretch run harbaugh's talking aaout... aater sundaa aaainss the browns, ravens host the rriddrs...and then it gets tough.on the road in pittsburgh on sunday night... travel to san ddego...then comm back home to play thh steelerr. for sunday... the ravens ill be dealing with a different
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browws team from week 4.for one... they have confidence... 2 wins.and on offense... well, they actually havv one.brandon with his targets in the shorter passing ggme..and trent riccardson is running & hhs first 8 n-f-l games... two of those have been over 100 rushing.and carry..aanice starttfor the rookie... who's got a big fan pn baltimore. 3 maryland basketball decided to pt out of the...let's ease to priday they open the seeson in - brooklyn against kentucky.'s a look at the young terps... 11 underclassmen out of the 16 n
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&pthe roster.exhibition with i-u-p. 1st half...alee len misses the alley-oop...jjmes &ppadgett rebounn...put bbak slam...the terps actually trailed by one at the break.... 22d half...padgett open underneath...hoop anddthee harm...those were his only 4 points of thh game....later in the half...seth allln drives... bucket and the bonus...layman 2nd half to win 73-61...their first regular season game is next friday in brooklyn against defending ncaa champions kentucky... issues to address this off - and second base.the o's made a mooe toddy for one of hose spo. spots.orioles claimed twins &psecond baseman alexi caasee-y. it's a two-fer.... he plays second but haa also spent timee at shorttanddttird..o therr's batted 2- season.and he's fast... stole
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21 bbses on 22 attempts.ttere 2nd... birds have brian robert ndinn and ryan mback, flaherty. our high school game of the own attowings mills is for tonight we're showing you hosting northwestern... northwestern...reginald lewii kicking off...and this is poor the kick return touchhown... and trim the falcons lead to sccre back...donny neal jr. a ponster game...189 yards... this is his 3rd touchhoon... latt in the 4th quarter...2....- wildcats final chancee.. interceepion fallons... reginnld lewis comes away with thh 20-12 victory...winninn tteir first baltimore city championship... that's all for sports unlimited...i'm mmrgan adsit... great night... &pniihtt..
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elevelevision so, elaine, are you gonna sleep with me or what? george, i just got off a 23-hour plane ride. i'm too tired to even vomit at the thought. fine. i'll ask you again when you're rested. oh, i'm sure she'll come around.


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